Instagram story of 11/25/17, BLACK FRIDAY 2017.

I actually did some Black Friday shopping and the whole day from beginning to end was just amazing. Here’s a glimps for ya.

The day began with quickly getting up and ready to hit Apricotlane Boutique in Wichita, Kansas. A women’s clothing store with all the latest trends! Getting there at open meant 40% off and your girl needed that light pink vest for her trip to Europe that is approaching. It was quite a line but worth it. Then running to Target to check out their sale, since let’s be honest, it’s TARGET! It was a plus that it’s literally only like 2 miles from my house, oh wait, is it really? Ha, I spend WAY to much there. Seriously though I needed that oversized sweater, make-up, several candles (buy one get one free – whaaaaaat), blanket throw, a pair of leggings, rice krispy treat, and pens. HAHAHAHA #targetgetsmeeverytime


IMG_3531.jpgIMG_3532.jpgIMG_3533.jpgAfter some shopping I went home to pick up my hubby. We went out for brunch at The Good Egg. I’ve been there once a long time ago with my sister and have since wanted to return. Let’s just say their bacon and egg mcmuffin are to die for. Did you see that photo of my husband above, his company is always the greatest. :)  After, we went to Starbucks to sit down and work on a few things for our trip to Europe. Once our brunch settled we hit the gym.




Foam rolling and lacrosse ball work is always first. We both had an amazing workout. Comment below if you are interested in seeing some mobility work and workouts!


Supplement Giant is my go-to place in town for pre-workout, BCAA’s, and Whey Protein powders. Just remember that supplements are supplementary to a fitness lifestyle, not a substitute.

IMG_3543.jpgIMG_3544.jpgYou guys!! I’m obsessed with these PJ’s. So as I mentioned above, I don’t believe I’ve ever had official PJ’s. I mean maybe when I was little little but for the longest time I’ve just worn simple black pants/shorts and t-shirts. This brought pure joy.


Above are a few photos of that nights ritual. I got away from doing this but I’m on a mission to get back to it. This journal is so uplifting, makes you think, and purposely provides this positive energy for self-discovery, improvement, and practicing gratitude. Comment below if you are interested in what this journal is and a more in-depth preview and where it can be purchased!

That’s it folks. It was a great day. Appreciate the little things and enjoy time spent with love ones. You never know how much that other person needs it or how much longer we have on this earth. Comment below if you practice gratitude, positive thinking, or want to share your tips and tricks! I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading! Have a great day today!

—XOXO Kellie

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