Flying 101

Disclaimer: Hashtag heavy.

While I only began flying after high school, once it started, it’s been regular ever sense. Now, I’m certainly not a frequent flyer or someone who is an expert in this realm I just want to share things I’ve learned over time. I wrote a lot of this the last time I flew to Florida for work related trip.

This post will take you from what to do before flight, things to do mid-air and what should be done once you’ve reached your destination.

Prior to Trip

First, book your flight in advance. Also be smart with it. I’m willing to bet some people quickly book a trip and go with the cheapest flight ticket with the longest time frame to get the most bang for your buck. However, some forget that those extra days may not cost you with the flights price, but it will cost you with lodging and feeding your face. Be mindful of those things when booking. Some research suggests that Tuesdays are the cheapest days to fly, however, other research says that’s false and Sundays are cheapest. To each their own, you almost always can find research for all sides of the coin. What’s most important is booking in advance, that’s where you’ll see the most bang for your buck. Anyways, enough of that, a lot more could be said but let’s move on.

So you’ve booked your flight, now what? Well get to packing duh! Hold up, back it up. The trip is not for a while I got time. So you tell yourself. Then the day before approaches and you’ve yet to pack, Yep, dats me! Don’t kid yourself, you’ve done it too. Haha but I’ve learned over time being prepared is much better than being miserable because you procrastinated and did not prepare. I like to start thinking about what I’m going to pack and begin to lay a few things out that I know are a must. I’m also looking up what the weather is currently and researching the trend of the season. #the key to packing

My favorite time to pack is when you are going somewhere warm. You wear less clothing which means more options. #yeeeees but when it’s cold, large sweaters and jackets take up so much room! #boooo So prepare and bring your staples for a variety of outfits!

I’m in the air, now what? #bored

Weeks leading to my trip I begin to download music, T.V. episodes, and YouTube videos/podcasts. I tend to a have few things in mind as to what I want to do while on the plane. If I’m not tired and want to be productive I bring out my phone or laptop to do some writing or watch inspirational, fitness, or foster care related YouTube videos and podcasts to learn from. If I’m pretty tired I may try to take a little nap. Other things I like to do are whipping out a cross word puzzle or play Tetris. Those always sound appealing and can sure pass the time away. Exercising the mind is where it’s at guys.

Things I like to bring on the flight include:


-Crossword puzzles

– Book & Magazine

-Metal Water Bottle (keeps water cooler, longer)

-Noise-cancelling headphones (I have beats and LOVE them – no, I don’t want to hear “overpriced!!”)

-Neck pillow & Eye Mask

-Small blanket

-Hand wipes/sanitizer



Small Easy Ways to Save Money

We all want to save money right? As I mentioned above I like to bring a metal lined water bottle when traveling. I like cold water and use my own bottle when I arrive at my destination. I also like bringing my own snacks; usually you can get away with it. Check your airline/airport requirements to be safe. I typically always have a couple pouches of tuna (yes I said tuna) and peanut. Though I eat these while waiting to board during a layover– too nervous about someone having a peanut allergy and well, tuna stinks. That can usually get me by until I reach my destination.  If you are dying for food and looking for a healthy options and of course depending on time you could do some Greek yogurt with some fruit, grilled chicken salad (go easy on the dressing), or snack on some beef jerky. If you’re looking for coffee, you could wait till the flight for a free one or if you are like me and just want a burst of energy to be somewhat productive on the flight, purchase a shot of espresso with a splash of cold water. Less than 3 bucks for sure. And worth it if you ask me, especially if that leads to productivity. J Just remember that too much coffee will dehydrate you so I opt to an espresso shot. That and a water to put into my water bottle are typically the only items I tend to purchase at the airport. Staying hydrated is super important while flying.

Some Items Explained

Ever since I have flown I’ve brought my own small fleece blanket and neck pillow to be comfortable and in the case of freezing my ass off. #alwayscold unless I just got done killin it in the gym. I’ve flown a lot and have received no complaints. If you have a backpack the neck pillow can be tied/buckle to it if you don’t want to carry it around. My blanket is typically on my carry-on luggage.

Don’t like the weird noises on the plane? Maybe the sound of an angry baby (poor things – altitude changes) or chit-chatter?  Or just want a more calming noise? Wear noise cancellation ear phones (typically these are the ones that go over your ears). I have sensitive ears and found this to be extremely helpful. Most times I’m not even playing anything. It’s soothing to me. Also if you’re an introvert and don’t like small talk like me, this helps to keep people from talking to you. #notsorry

Other Random Shizzzz

I like to wait and board last. Unless flying with an airline that has opening seating, you have a seat number regardless. It will be there whether you board first or last. So many people can get so damn inpatient. Personally, I’d rather wait to spend less time sitting in a cramped plane. With this, if the flight is not full, sometimes, you can get the opportunity to sit wherever and if you are like me and want to help during an accident, sit at an exit. The extra room is always a plus too. If there is no luggage room when you board since your one of the last few they’ll just take it as a checked bag which comes as complimentary and it’s of your hands if there is a connecting flight. #winwin

I always wear comfortable clothes (jeans and T-shirt with a jacket and tennis shoes), because if you crash and survive flip flops won’t help you. #kidding kinda. J Another look I go for is leggings with a low to no heal boot with a basic tee and cardigan. I typically always wear my heaviest jacket so it doesn’t take up room in my luggage. Flying over to Germany soon, I plan to go with option 2, wearing a pair boots and bringing slippers since it’s an overnight flight.

Take a shower when you arrive at your destination and when you return home. Yes ladies wash that hair too! #dryshampooqueen but there are too many germs crawling around that can continue to attack your skin and immune system. Better safe than stuck in bed for several days being sick. Also, I highly recommend washing the neck pillow and blanket after the flight. Yes the neck pillow too (fabric can come off).

Also don’t give someone wearing a mouth mask a mean look; they are most likely protecting themselves.

And drink more water!

Be polite and well mannered, please. The staff on board is there to help but don’t charge them around like they are your own personal servant. We’re lucky that they serve drinks and snacks. #begrateful

Thank the pilot and staff at end of the flight; they helped you get to your destination safely.

Wrap Up

To wrap up, book flight in advance, do your research and prepare, stay hydrated, bring something to do and be respectful and get clean post flight.

I know a lot more can be said and everyone has their own tips and tricks. Let’s keep the conversation going, do you have a tip you want to share? Comment below. What’s one take-away you see yourself implementing? Anyway, wherever your next flight takes you, have a safe one!

Thanks for reading! #somuchmoretocome




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