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Good Morning!

It’s the morning of the 13th of December and my husband and I have been on a plane for roughly 8 hours and we have a little over 1 hour left. We’re headed to Frankfurt from Denver. We’re sitting middle row of 52 with all four seats to ourselves. The flight was surprisingly not full and many people got the chance to move around and get comfortable.

Breakfast is being served soon and the light of the day is seeping through several plane windows. People are beginning to wake and the excitement is hitting hard knowing we’re landing very soon. It’s crazy to me how much energy I have right now when back home (Wichita, KS) it’s like 1:30AM. Well, maybe not crazy, I’ve been quite the night owl as of late. Insomnia has hit hard along with the excitement of our trip approaching. So much excitement that, most nights I was consumed by browsing Pinterest and the web while drooling over amazing places within Europe and beautiful photos captured by traveling bloggers and others.

Anywho, I can’t help to think about just how lucky I am to live this life with the opportunities of flying overseas to see a whole new country.

My husband is German, born in Aachen and lived in several other countries in Europe. I am so grateful to have this fortunate opportunity to explore with him. The last couple of times he’s flown over by himself prior to our marriage and he’s happy that we’re finally making this trip together, I am to. ; ) We came to realize during our drive to Denver for a direct flight with Lufthansa that this will be our third time flying together and our first trip as husband and wife and official vacation outside of Kansas and Colorado. We’ve both laughed as we’ve been together going on nearly 9 years. Whoa! Crazy! Love him to death. We’ve focused the last several years on our careers, preparing for emergencies and saving money. Also, this was the first time where we could really make it work as you can’t go overseas and only spend a few days, a week is a must but in our case we will be traveling for almost 3 weeks. Eeek, the reality is beginning to sink deep as I think about all the things we already have planned and the days where we’ve left open. We’re both not crazy- big planners when it comes to traveling. We like to do some research and have a few ideas as to what we want to do but for the most part we appreciate just spontaneously enjoying the day how it unfolds. I love just letting your energy and excitement take its course. I can taste the pure bliss already.

My goal is to blog my experience being overseas but if you want to see a take by take, follow me on Instagram @kelliembecker (click below and it will bring you to my profile.) I’ve already had several people say “take photos.” Oh you bet I will. I love photos and want to them to be passed along to our children. Whoa, that was weird to say. Kids some day you ask? Yes, probably, I hope so, I don’t know. Hahaha can you tell at least at this moment, I’m not quite ready? Until then tons of traveling will take place.  I hope you’ll follow my journey and save our events to make as your own when you travel overseas. Well we are preparing for landing, so until next time!

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  1. I know that the beginning of your life journey has been a really tough one – one that would break most people. It gives me great pleasure and great hope too, to see how far you have come from where you have been. The obstacles you have overcome give so much inspiration to those who are also struggling on their journey through life. You have an amazing spirit Kellie, one that I am blessed to know of. It’s strange sometimes when I think about how we have never met, but we are family. We know of each other, but don’t know each other, but I still feel connected through similar experiences and through familial relations. Thank you for taking me along on your journey with you via your blog, as you explore the world! My wish for you is to find love, peace, adventure, and contentment in abundance while you’re out there! Stay safe and happy out there and cherish this special time with your husband. God Bless You Kellie

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