Easy + Basic Warm Apple Cider

When the leaves fall and there’s a chill in the air, I begin to crave anything peppermint related (duh), hot chocolate and warm apple cider. Lately in my travels across Europe, it’s been a tad chilly! This post will be about an easy warm apple cider, non-alcoholic drink.

I often just make one cup at a time when the craving hits. However, if you want to make it for a social gathering or Christmas get-together simply put ingredients into a crock pot to heat up and keep warm. (Instructions below)

To make this simple yet divine warm spiced apple cider all you need is apple juice and cinnamon spices (ground or sticks). That’s it! Told ya, it’s easy and basic! : D

Cup Recipe

  1. Pour 6-8 ounces of apple juice into a cup and add either ground cinnamon or sticks
  2. Heat in a microwave
  3. Enjoy!

Alternatively, if you want to soak in the moment, heat the apple juice in a pan on the stovetop. Stir, reflect on life and visualize your goals. Stir and take in the apple and cinnamon smells, building the anticipation of pure bliss.

Crock-pot Recipe

  1. Pour in apple juice and bring to a warm temperature
  2. Add ground cinnamon or sticks
  3. Stir and keep warm

One thing that I love about this basic recipe is that it can be versatile. You could add in cranberry juice or other juice flavor of preference. One could add in ginger, cranberries, orange slices, fireball candies, or cinnamon candies for taste and presentation.  Spruce it up if you’d like, I’m basic and like to keep drink calories low.

Want to turn it into an adult winter time beverage? It pairs well with a variety of distilled liquids, particularly a flavorful whiskey or rum. You end up with something tasting a bit more like “Gluehwein” (or so my husband tells me). Not going to lie here, but this last paragraph took a little bit more research as I’m not much of drinker.

Cuddle up and watch your Netflix series while enjoying this cup of bliss. Comment below if you plan to drink some apple cider soon!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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