Who is she?

As someone who loves to write, I launched this blog in 2017 as an outlet for me and my, at times overwhelming thoughts that conspire from inspiration and experiences. Crazy to think that by reading a few messages from others, can help shape ones views and mindsets, I am eagerly here to share what is important to many. Marginalized mistreatment, stigmas and shame. Topics of abuse, violence, foster care and adoption, and healing and growth are my go-tos.

My full name is Kellie Mae Becker and before I got married, I was a Henderson. My middle name is a tradition as I’ve been told, a name I actually like, so may carry on. As a Henderson, you may find a lot out there in the world, where I’ve come forward publicly sharing my story with my sisters to shine light on sexual abuse and to help others realize they can get help too.

I’ve lived in big cities and small ones, experiences several forms of abuse and spent time in foster care. Aging out of care and moving into the dorms rooms, I felt so free. Two years later I graduated with an Associates of Science at Barton Community College. Two years after that a bachelors of Social Work from Fort Hays State University. Knowing I was not done, a year later, I gratefully walked the stage to graduate with my masters at University of Kansas.

Upon college completion I earned the spot to intern with CCAI, a foster care and adoption non-profit, non-partisan organization and the opportunity to work on Capitol hill with the Finance Committee, I felt on top of the world.

I share all of this, because it’s part of me and when you get to celebrate a goal you set out to do, despite odds stacked against you, you can’t help it.

Started my Social Work career as a Special Needs Case Manager. Knowing that was not where I wanted to be forever but mainly to understand the front line work; I then accepted a job roughly 1.5 years later as a program manager for independent living of youth awaiting to age out of care and transition to the next phase of their life.

After a phase of professional burn-out, I took a step away from social work.

In late 2018, my German husband and I took a leap and moved to Switzerland. He landed an excelled job with a international organization and I’ve leaned more into freedom, throwing myself into social media influencing and advocating.

Traits, loves, passions, and soul shit.

I stand by integrity and live life curiously. Always pondering, always researching working to understand something more. I am an epiphany junkie, addicted to the endorphin release, love chasing the pumps in the gym, and obsessed with personal and professional growth, #kaizen.

Being in a flow state brings me happiness and much joy. As well as being in a great atmosphere (coffee shops and outside on a sunny day are the best!), quote fanatic and the sound of birds chirping brings me tranquility. I push myself to do challenging things but don’t be fooled, I’m human too. I can stand in my own way but learning breaks are needed from time to time and maybe standing in our own way was necessary at that point in our life. Lesson here is to pick ourselves up, stop the pity party, and fight for what we deserve.

I’m a constant student to this blogging jazz – social media influencer – advocate being, but excited to learn as I go and share things as I discover them or simply take a trip down memory lane to share lessons learned and encouragement.

I hope you stick around; I’ve got a lot to say.

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